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Facebook expands 'Save' and 'Share' features to Chrome browser

The social network wants people to share more. And it's using Google's web browser to try to make it happen.


Facebook is adding new Chrome extensions.


If it's on the internet, Facebook wants to make sure it gets its blue-trimmed hands on it.

So the social network is releasing new buttons for Google's Chrome web browser, which has more than 1 billion users. With the new "Save to Facebook" extension, you'll be able to save any link -- for articles, videos, product listings -- you come across on the web and view it later. When you click the button, the link will show up in your "Saved" tab on Facebook.

The Save feature, introduced in 2014, now has 300 million users a month.

Another Chrome extension will let you directly post a link on Facebook, Facebook Groups, or the Messenger chat app straight from the browser.

The share buttons on different websites will also begin to look a little different. Instead of having the Facebook "f" on the button, it will once again have the company's iconic thumbs-up on it. The company said it will also be adding share and comment buttons to its "Instant Articles" pages, made specifically for mobile devices and are meant to load super fast.

The changes are incremental, but they are extremely important to Facebook's business. The more content people share on the network, the more time people may spend on Facebook. Those eyeballs are what marketers crave, and what gets Facebook paid.