Facebook earnings by the numbers: 819M mobile users

The company's second-quarter report shows Facebook continuing to slowly gain more users while increasing its mobile advertising dollars.

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Though Facebook is still slowly growing its overall user base, its attention to mobile seems to have paid off, if figures released in the company's second-quarter earnings report on Wednesday are any indicator.

Facebook had a 51 percent increase in monthly active mobile users over the last year, a good sign for a company that's revamped its strategy around mobile and, more specifically, mobile advertising. The increase in mobile users could bolster Facebook as it tries to get users to spend more time on Facebook. And that's what advertisers want to see.

"People on average are spending more time on Facebook than ever before," CEO Mark Zuckerberg boasted during the company's earnings call. Users spent more than 20 billion minutes on Facebook during the month of June, he said.

Here are some of the numbers from Facebook's Q2 report:

819 million monthly users access Facebook through a mobile device. This is a 51 percent increase from last year. Facebook also noted an average of 469 million users for the month of June. Gaining mobile users continues to be an important goal for Facebook, which had to reinvent itself as a mobile-first company last year.

1.15 billion monthly users as of June 30. A 21 percent increase from last year. Facebook's daily user figure hit 699 million daily active users, a 27 percent increase from last year's second-quarter report.

More than 1 million active advertisers. Facebook's bread and butter. The company said there's a lot of growth here, with local businesses leading the charge.

$1.81 billion in revenue. As expected, the biggest chunk of the revenue, $1.6 billion in fact, came from advertising. Advertising dollars increased by 61 percent from last year. About 41 percent of that $1.6 billion came from mobile advertising. The rest of the revenue, $214 million, came from payments and other fees. This figure mostly reflects money from game payments, which Facebook said are up by 7 percent.

5 million videos uploaded on Instagram on first day. Within 24 hours of Facebook launching video for Instagram, users created and posted 5 million videos, a figure Facebook already revealed last month. Video for Instagram is Facebook's answer to Twitter's popular Vine video app and Instagram's first big product reveal since Facebook acquired the photo-sharing app last year.

100 million monthly users on "Facebook for Every Phone" app. Facebook reported this number earlier in the week. The company launched the app, which works on standard cell phones, two years ago to appeal to consumers who have limited access to the Internet. It lets Facebook expand its reach to many countries where smartphones are not yet affordable.

Check out more numbers in the slides below:

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