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Facebook Creator app lets anyone become a better broadcaster

A tool previously designed for verified users and pros opens up for anyone to use.


We're entering a world of always-on broadcasting, on a ton of apps and platforms. Facebook's had an app called Mentions that allowed verified users and organizations to create and track video streams and engagement in ways that felt like what YouTube offers. The app can now be in anyone's hands, and it's now called Creator: it's on iOS now, and Android soon.


Facebook's crazy filters and tools are inside Creator, too.

Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

Facebook Creator is a stand-alone app that logs into Facebook and offers up a dashboard showing engagement stats and follower activity, the company said in a statement Thursday.

It also has a variety of editing tools: It's designed to be the place to go to when you're making new Facebook videos.

Wacky face filters and effects are in it, just like on Facebook's standard app. It's also a quick way to go live with anything you're interested in broadcasting from your Facebook account, complete with metrics and a message inbox.

One thing Creator lacks is any sort of hook-ins for donations or payments. 

I tried Creator for a few minutes: It's easy to navigate, mostly, and there are lots of graphics, effects, stickers and editing tools to play with. Videos can be added to Facebook Stories or posted into your account.

Thanks to Creator, I've already realized that I'm absolutely terrible at reaching out to people via video on Facebook, based on my last few months of stats. 

Maybe I'll change my habits soon.