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Facebook confirms men don't care about royal baby

The social network analyzes the newborn's first million Facebook mentions and finds out what people expected all along.

Facebook on Monday confirmed what many casually may have thought: The arrival of the royal baby is more exciting to women than men.

The unnamed baby boy of Prince William and Duchess Kate garnered more than 1 million global mentions on Facebook during the hour after his birth, according to the company. The top demographic posting about him were women ages 18 to 44. Only men ages 18 to 24 posted about the famous infant, and that demographic happened to post about the new babe more than women ages 45 to 54.

Facebook also mapped out the top countries talking about the new royal. The UK, not surprisingly, took the top spot. The United States, Canada, Italy, and France followed suit. Here's the map, showing which countries had users who made the most posts and comments about the royal baby. (The darker the shade, the more posts and comments.)

Tracking royal baby news reaction during the first hour. (Click to enlarge.) Facebook