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Facebook brings reaction emojis to 360-degree VR videos

Users viewing videos on Gear VR goggles will be able to add one of Facebook's five new emoji reactions to the videos.


Does this 360 video make you happy? Now you can note that in VR videos.


You will soon be able to share your feelings about 360-degree videos viewed on Gear VR goggles.

Facebook said Wednesday it will begin rolling out support for its Reactions emojis for 360 videos watched on Samsung's virtual reality goggles. Users will be able to add one of Facebook's five emoji reactions -- such as "like" or "love" -- to videos they're watching, as well as see the reactions of other VR viewers.

The new support highlights the emphasis Facebook is putting on emphasis on virtual reality, a burgeoning field that promises to transport headset-wearing users to immersive, computer-generated environments, be it floating through outerspace or walking with dinosaurs.

No one's quite sure how popular VR will be. Consulting firm Analysis Group in February estimated that through 2020, the revenue generated worldwide from virtual reality and augmented reality will total somewhere between $2.8 billion and $126 billion.