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Facebook adds quick app finder

Jump around people's profiles quickly with this new update from Facebook.

In an effort to retool the way users get to the applications on their profile, Facebook has added a new feature in the form of a quick finder for profile apps. If you're used to the row of icons on the left side of Facebook's navigation, this idea isn't too far off. Any apps that have been installed on your profile will show up as small icons in a cluster. Clicking on any of them will jump you down to where the app's box is located, as well as briefly highlighting it with a dark blue border. This is especially helpful on friends profiles, since the menu will adapt to whatever foreign apps they may have installed.

The move seems like a preeminent way to deal with the amount of profile clutter that's made its way onto the service since the launch of the apps platform three months ago. If you're really sick of seeing apps on people's profiles, you can also use the minimize feature I mentioned in my 7 cool, unadvertised Facebook features post from a few weeks ago.

Get to your apps quickly with the new quick jump bar.