Facebook adds Arabic to iPhone language options

The addition brings the app in line with desktop and Android.

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Facebook's iPhone app now includes an Arabic language option in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Facebook added Arabic to its language options in the latest version of its iPhone app in the Middle East and North Africa.

The move helps the people across the region use the social media platform in their native language, the company said in a press release. Arabic is widely spoken amongst the 169 million people who use Facebook on mobile in the region each month.


The Arabic language option can be found in the app's settings.

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The update came from Facebook's collaboration with the region's translators through the Translate Facebook app, which allows users to translate the interface into their own language.

Facebook is available in more than 100 languages, catering to the billion people that use it in a language other than English.

"Languages are vital to our mission of bringing the world closer together and helping people build communities. They carry tradition, culture and unique opinions, and give us the opportunity to start meaningful conversations with different people," said Jonathan Labin, the company's managing director for the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, in a release.

"With this new update to Facebook on iPhone, we hope more people can connect with each other in the Middle East and North Africa region."

Users who want to check out Facebook in Arabic can find the Language option in their Settings menu.

Facebook continues to expand its reach even as the social network faces increasing scrutiny for sharing user data with third parties, with reports last week that it cut special deals with some companies that let them continue to access data on its users' friends after a 2015 deadline.

A separate report said Facebook also shared user data with device manufacturers including Huawei, a Chinese company that's been flagged by US agencies as a national security threat.

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