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Facebook acquires health and fitness tracking app Moves

But the social network promises to keep Moves as a standalone app and not blend the data into its own service.

The Moves fitness tracker app is now owned by Facebook. ProtoGeo Oy

Facebook has bought Moves, an app that keeps track of your daily exercise and fitness routine as well as the places you visit.

The news was revealed in a blog posted Thursday by ProtoGeo Oy, the company behind Moves. No details about the deal were revealed, simply that Facebook has acquired both the company and the app.

Available for iOS and Android users, Moves is a free app that can automatically track your walks, jogs, bike rides, and other forms of fitness. It can also keep track of the places you visit with a map that shows you where you've been and how you got there.

An app that tracks your daily activities can raise privacy concerns, especially with Facebook the new owner. The company has had its share of privacy complaints in the past. But Facebook has already tried to address such concerns.

"For those of you that use the Moves app -- the Moves experience will continue to operate as a standalone app, and there are no plans to change that or commingle data with Facebook," the Moves blog said.

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed the plans to keep the Moves app standalone and not commingle its data. The spokesperson told CNET that the company is not getting into the specifics of the deal at this time.

Facebook also released the following statement:

"As part of Facebook's multi-app strategy, we're excited to announce that the popular Moves app will be joining Facebook's suite of applications. Key members of Moves will be joining Facebook at our headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. The Moves app will continue to run as a separate, standalone application. The Moves team has built an incredible tool for the millions of people who want to better understand their daily fitness activity, and we're looking forward to the app continuing to gain momentum."

Facebook shares are currently trading at $61.89, up 0.53 points, or .87 percent, since the start of trading on Thursday.

(Via The Next Web)