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Fab.com gets in the holiday spirit with two new gift shops

The hip, daily-deal site is where you'll find gifts (robot necklaces!) and holiday decorations for your impossibly cool friends and family.

A Creature Cup by designer Yumi Yumi for sale on Fab.com
Consider your holiday shopping and decorating done. Fab.com, an online design marketplace, is launching two online holiday gift shops: One with 100 gifts under $100 and the other with modern holiday decor. These new shops go live tomorrow, November 1.

Fab's holiday gift shops join the original membership-based Fab site, which launched in June. Think of Fab as daily deals structured around small designers with unique vintage collections or newly designed products. Products range from furniture to wall decor to kids' toys to jewelry to unique kitchen appliances. Rarely will you find something you need, but you will always find something you want. It's a curated Etsy that even tough guys and non-hipsters can appreciate.

Someone should test Fab.com for steroids. Fab hit 750,000 members in just five months, averaging $100,000 per day in sales and processing more than ten thousand orders every week. The company expects to reach 1 million members any day now.

Beth Ferreira--from Etsy--is now Fab's COO and Rob Forbes, the founder of Design Within Reach, is an advisor. Fab recently raised $8 million in its first formal round, led by Menlo Ventures. Fab previously raised $1 million in early-stage funding from venture capitalists, celebrity investor Ashton Kutcher and infamously cool entrepreneur Kevin Rose.

Fab also makes it easy to shop on the fly with free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android folks. Oh, great. Like I needed to feed my Fab addiction any easier.

Tomorrow's launch of holiday-specific gift shops by Fab will probably trigger copycats. Let's see how many e-commerce sites scramble to keep up with Fab's innovation.

Correction, 11:15 a.m. PDT: Beth Ferreira is Fab.com's COO. An earlier version of this story misstated her title.