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Eyejot has a new way to embed videos into Twitter

Eyejot This is a video Web annotation service delivered via Twitter or e-mail.

I'm a fan of Eyejot, one of several online products that makes it very easy to send a video message. Eyejot uses Flash and your Webcam to skip the annoying video upload stage: you just just look at your camera, press record, and you're making a video. Eyejot messages come as e-mails with links to the recordings. Today the company extends on that model with a new Eyejot This feature that will, optionally, send a message to your Twitter account.

Eyejot This embeds your videos on top of the Web pages you're commenting on.

Eyejot This is really designed to let you create video commentaries on Web pages, and it's accessed by a bookmarklet you install in your browser. When you click on it and record video, the result is a link to the Web page you were on when you clicked it, with your small video in a frame above the page. Here's an example.

You can also use Eyejot This to send your recordings by e-mail, but e-mail recipients don't get the same cool video-on-Web-page format that Twitter readers get.

See also: Twiddeo, a mashup of V.Social and Twitter that works from a mobile phone (cool) but not from a Webcam (boo), and Seesmic, a soon-to-be-released video utility that will also create Twitter messages.