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Exploring the new Photos app for OS X

Apple's new Photos app for OS X gives Mac users an interface closely patterned after iOS. Here's how to use it.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Released earlier this year as part of Yosemite , the new Photos app for Mac OS X further blurs the lines between Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems. Its simplified organizational tools look a lot like those on the iPhone Photos app, but it adds powerful editing features that are geared for the desktop.

Since it replaces both the aging Aperture and iPhoto apps -- which is a good thing -- it's important that you learn how it use it. Matt Elliott is here to show you how. Check back over the next few days for more tips.

How to navigate the new layout of Photos for Mac

Photos for Mac looks different from iPhoto, but the transition to the new OS X application shouldn't be too jarring for iPhone and iPad users. Join us for a tour of the new layout.

How to migrate from iPhoto to Photos for Mac

Learn how to move your photos and videos from iPhoto to the new Photos app, the details about iCloud Photo Library, how to optimize storage, and what you can do with your old iPhoto library.

Getting started with Photos for Mac's editing tools

Though many of the editing tools in Photos for Mac are similar to what you use with the Photos app for iOS, there are more of them, giving you the greater control over your photos that you'd expect on a desktop.

How to use multiple photo libraries with Photos for Mac

Photos for Mac is faster than iPhoto, but a large library can still slow it down. Working with smaller, more manageable libraries can be easier. Here's how to do it.

How to import, export and share photos with Photos for Mac

With the new app, importing and exporting photos is nearly the same as it was with iPhoto, but there is one change to importing photos, plus a new sharing menu we'll walk you through.