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China's version of Twitter has more users than actual Twitter

Twitter may be used globally, but more people are using Weibo, its Chinese equivalent, in China alone.


Twitter is banned in China, so instead the country uses a platform called Weibo. Now, Weibo has more users than Twitter.

Weibo, owned by Sina, said this week that it had 340 million monthly active users as of March. That number is higher than Twitter's most recently reported count of 328 million monthly active users.

Twitter is one of several foreign platforms, like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia, barred from China by the country's internet censorship, dubbed the "Great Firewall." But local versions are available in the country, including Weibo and Baidu, China's equivalent of Google.

China has seen masses flocking to the internet in recent years, with the China Internet Network Information Centre reporting 731 million people -- more than twice the US population -- connected to the internet as of December. The figure 53 percent of China's population at 53.2 percent and is expected to grow.

Correction, 3:42 a.m. PT: Weibo's parent company has been fixed.

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