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Evernote refreshes its Web Clipper with new look, features

Evernote's Web Clipper is getting a slew of new features to change how you save anything from the Web.

The updated Web Clipper adds Skitch tools to add text and drawings to your Evernote clips.

Evernote on Thursday overhauled the Google Chrome version of its Web Clipper, a handy browser extension that lets you grab photos, videos, and text from any Web site and save it to Evernote. The update gives the Clipper a brand-new look, plus new ways to save and personalize Web content.

The most prominent new additions to the Web Clipper come from two other Evernote services, Skitch and Clearly. Skitch is a desktop app that lets you snap screenshots and annotate them with text, drawings, and stamps. The updated Clipper now lets you select an area of a Web page, add text, arrows, shapes, and free-form drawings, and then save the finished work as a new Evernote note. It's a great feature that can help you remember why you bothered to clip something in the first place.

Another notable new feature comes from Clearly, an Evernote-built browser extension that strips out site design elements and formatting, so you can read text without distractions. Now you can create and save clips with that same simplified formatting. You can also save a new clip as a "Bookmark," which saves just a site's URL and a snippet of text from the page.

While the original Web Clipper popped up in a small window when you clicked the extension's icon in your Chrome toolbar, the new design pulls up a right-side panel with all of the tool's options.

The updated Web Clipper extension is available starting Thursday, but only for Google Chrome, not for Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. If you already have the extension installed, you can expect to get the new version ASAP.