Evernote overhauls its Mac app with shortcuts, modified search

Evernote 5 for the Mac features a shortcut bar, modified search functions, and a map that shows the locations attached to your notes.

Donna Tam Staff Writer / News
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Donna Tam
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Evernote has done a major overhaul of its application for the Mac, with a more visual layout and new features meant to make browsing and sharing notes easier, the company announced in its blog today.

Evernote's marketing guy, Andrew Sinkov, wrote that the company always tries to incorporate what users want in their updates, but this one changes the app more than ever.

"No previous update has matched the scope of what we're launching today," he wrote. "We've spent the past year identifying the needs of new and advanced users to craft an environment that beautifully caters to both."

The new features include a shortcut bar for keeping track of notes that users look at most and notes they've looked at recently, as well as improved search functions. The app's search will now bring up suggestions, recent searches, and saved searches once the user starts typing.

Other changes include modifications to sharing. The app now has a sharing bar that indicates how many people are viewing a shared note and what their names are, and Evernote has tried to improve the activity stream by incorporating Mountain Lion's notification center, according to the Evernote team.

An entirely new feature is the Atlas view of notes. The view maps out your notes by location. Evernote says you can enable this location service on your Mac from Security & Privacy in System Preferences. To add location to a note on your Mac, click on the "i" in the right corner, then type in the address or click on the compass arrow.