Eventful bypasses concert producers

Eventful bypasses concert producers

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman
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There are an increasing number of tools to help you organize your time: Google recently joined Yahoo in the online calendar space, and there are dozens of other calendaring tools as well (in addition to Outlook and other popular PC-based tools). Have some free time? There are also event databases to help you find events you might want to attend.

But what about the events you want to go to that haven't yet been scheduled? How do you get your favorite act to come to your town?

One of the event database companies, EVDB, is adding an interesting feature to its Eventful directory of events: Event Demand. The tool lets anybody start a "demand" for a performer or group in their metro area. Eventful collects the count of people who are interested. It's essentially an online petition system.

Like any petition, the trick is to make sure people see it. So the site will generate HTML code for each demand that you can stick in your e-mail or on your Web page. Popular kids on MySpace who put demands on their pages could become junior Bill Grahams. (But without the riches: there's no way, yet, for the originator of an event to collect a piece of the action when an event is booked.)

EVDB will contact artists with growing demands to let them know what their fan base is up to.

The Eventful demand system is still new, and right now the system is overwhelmed by a collection of demands to hear former Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton speak. But don't let that put you off. This tool is an interesting way to bring democracy to the performance business. Mashed together with a pledge-based funding system such as Fundable, it could become a whole new way for performers and venues to remove some of the financial risk in event planning.

Update 5/26/06: I feel terrible. The above paragraph insults Wil Wheaton, a guy I admire. He and his fans are mad at me. You can read the angry commentary here (my apology is about #45).