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Engines firing up

The crowded field of search engines is growing increasingly competitive as rivals attempt to outmaneuver each other by adding features and signing marketing deals, while new players continue to enter the market.

The crowded field of search engines, which analysts have long said is due for a shakeout, is growing increasingly competitive. The differentiation one company sought by adding, say, free email, is quickly rendered irrelevant as rivals rush to enter the space. NEWS.COM's roundup shows how search engines are attempting to outmaneuver each other by adding new features and signing marketing deals. At the same time, Microsoft seems to think there's room on the Net for one more search player.

Yahoo buys Four11 for free email
By Jeff Pelline
update Yahoo says it will buy Four11 for $92 million in stock and begin offering free email to its users.

Inktomi joins with Intel on networks
By Suzanne Galante
Inktomi, a developer of scalable network applications designed to reduce congestion on the Internet, receives a $2 million cash investment from Intel.

Rivals battle over new features
By Jeff Pelline
update The search engine wars are heating up again, and new features are the weapon of choice.

Microsoft readies Yukon engine
By Janet Kornblum
In two weeks, Microsoft plans to announce the launch of its own search engine, intended to draw clicks from the company's popular home page, sources say.

Yahoo beats Q3 expectations
By Suzanne Galante
Yahoo nets better-than-expected results for the third quarter, the result of increased traffic and a round of e-commerce deals.

Users, marketers drawn to free email
By Janet Kornblum
news analysis Part of the latest gold rush on the Net, free email services do get something that is even more valuable than users' money: their personal information.