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Email just the text of articles to yourself (or others) with Fetch

Email a URL to this Web app and it will reply with the main text of the link.

Here's a handy email to add to your contacts list:

Andy Jiang is the developer behind the above email and the Fetch app. If you come across an article online that you'd like to read later or can't load on your phone at the moment, then you can email a link of the article to the above email. In reply, you'll receive the text of the article. You can include others in the email in via the To: or Cc: fields, but anyone other than yourself will get two emails -- one from you with the link and another from Fetch with the text.


Using Fetch is like using a read-later app like Instapaper or Readability without needing to use a separate app.

One word of caution: if you have an email signature with a link in it, Fetch can get confused and might send you the text from that link instead of your intended link.

(Via One Thing Well)