Elon Musk Files to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence Company

The news comes after Musk signed an open letter in March urging labs to take a break from AI development.

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk could be next on the artificial intelligence scene.

James Martin/CNET

Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has created an artificial intelligence company called X.AI headquartered in Nevada, according to a report.

The company was incorporated last month, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, referring to a state filing. Musk has yet to tweet about the new company.

The news comes after reports this week that Musk is planning to create a ChatGPT rival. It also comes in spite of Musk last month signing an open letter urging labs to take at least a six-month pause in AI development due to "profound risks" to society from increasingly capable AI engines.

OpenAI's GPT-4 launched in mid-March. It's the latest version of the large language model that powers the ChatGPT AI chatbot, which among other things is advanced enough to pass the bar exam.

The AI.X company's name brings to mind Twitter news from earlier in the week. The social network changed its name to X Corp, a court filing from California showed. "Twitter, Inc has been merged into X Corp and no longer exists. X Corp is a privately held corporation. Its parent corporation is X Holdings Corp," the California document says. The moves could be part of Musk's reported plan to create an "everything app."

Two other companies pushed into the AI space this week. On Thursday, Amazon launched a cloud service called Amazon Bedrock, designed to let customers of Amazon Web Services build AI-powered apps. And on Monday, Chinese giant Alibaba unveiled a ChatGPT rival with both Chinese and English capabilities. 

In February, Microsoft entered the AI chatbot realm with Bing, which makes use of ChatGPT. And rival Google eventually followed with AI Bard.

CNET has broken down ChatGPT as well as Bing and Google Bard to work out which is the most helpful.

Editors' note: CNET is using an AI engine to create some personal finance explainers that are edited and fact-checked by our editors. For more, see this post.