Election Day fever takes over social media

Social Cues: Facebook and Twitter are obsessed with who will become the next president of the United States. Well, duh!

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Election Day is finally here.

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Sorry today's Social Cues is late. Like so many of you, I was out voting this morning!

Election Day is dominating Twitter and Facebook, as the country decides who will be the next president. After more than a year of trending topics for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump -- and that time Gary Johnson drew a blank on Aleppo -- the US is holding its breath as the race for the White House finally ends.

Social Cues is our guide on what's trending across Facebook and Twitter. Here's what people are talking about on social media this Election Day:

Election Day: Well, duh. With the 2016 presidential election captivating social media over the past year, US voters are off to the polls. Coverage will be live-streamed on Facebook and Twitter, until the last polls close at 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET in the farthest parts of Alaska. The country will be watching -- and tweeting -- as the US votes in its first new president in eight years. The internet's favorite superhero, Captain Obvious, summed up the mood on Twitter.

#PostVotingStressRelief: Now that you've voted -- if you haven't, stop reading this and go vote! -- sit back, relax and reflect on what might have been one of the most stressful elections of all time. The seemingly endless coverage, scandal after scandal, the uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner argument you knew would happen, it's all over now. Twitter users are trying to unwind with much-needed stress relief. No more campaigning. No more egg avatar trolls and email leaks. Just puppies.

Susan B. Anthony: The leading lady of the women's suffrage movement is getting throngs of tributes on Election Day. This election makes history with a woman as a major political party's nominee for the first time. And women are leaving hundreds of "I Voted" stickers on Anthony's grave in Rochester, New York, to mark the moment. Photos of voters visiting her grave site are going viral across Twitter.

Prince Harry: Across the pond, Prince Harry is dealing with racist trolls on social media over his new girlfriend. Kensington Palace put out a statement on Tuesday, telling people to back off Prince Harry's personal life as he confirmed his relationship with Meghan Markle. The American actress, whose mother is black and whose father is white, has faced a wave of racist and sexist attacks from "social media trolls and web article comments," according to the statement.

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GO VOTE TODAY: Nearly every website you go to on Tuesday will prompt you to vote. Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube are all pitching in. (If you're sick of all the political news, here's our guide on how to block it on Facebook). The trending topic reflects the internet's outcry to make your voice heard. Every political tweet and Facebook post you've ever liked, shared or commented on won't matter if you don't vote.

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