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eHarmony taps Fotoflexer for photo touch-ups

Users of dating site eHarmony can now edit their profile photos with Fotoflexer, which has been built-in.

Photo editing service Fotoflexer on Friday announced a new partnership with dating network eHarmony. Users of the online matchmaking service will now find Fotoflexer's editor built right into the site, where they can edit their profile photos in an attempt to better their chances at luring potential mates.

Fotoflexer may be best known for some of its more drastic editing tools that include the capability to warp and distort images. However, not all of these have been included in the eHarmony build. Instead, it's limited the selection down to simple things like making a crop, or fixing red-eye and overexposed party shots. Also missing are some of Fotoflexer's touch-up tools like a blemish remover and wrinkle smoother.

eHarmony's marketing push for the greater part of a decade has been its personality matching system where people are recommended to one another based on compatibility. Whereas, several competing dating services focus on looks and have largely saturated the Web with advertisements featuring models in skimpy outfits and in suggestive poses. In many ways eHarmony's taken the high road here, and with the addition of this photo editor, it would have been a bad move to include all the features that could dilute that by letting users drastically transform themselves.

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Users will be able to do some quick fixes on their photos right inside of eHarmony using a slightly trimmed-down version of the tool. Fotoflexer / eHarmony