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EE's smart number tech lets you use one number across multiple devices

Apple devices first, Android later.

UK - Brands - Sign for mobile phone shop EE
EE offers smart number tech to customers using Apple devices.
Mike Kemp/In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

Can't keep track of all your devices' contact numbers? EE's helping you streamline them.

The company's new smart number technology allows you to make and receive calls and messages across tablets, watches and laptops using a single number.

It won't cost anything extra and is available initially on Apple devices, coming to Android products "at a later date."

You'll still get calls and texts on your other devices if you leave your connected phone at home or let the battery die. Just make sure your other devices are connected to the internet. You can also make calls on multiple devices at the same time, or hand off calls between devices.

Your primary device must be on EE's network to use this service.

"Our new smart number technology is a great example of how we're helping customers to seamlessly connect their favourite devices -- whether on laptops, tablets or smartwatches, even if they're away from their smartphone," says Max Taylor, EE's managing director of marketing.

The British network made a push towards 5G network speeds as it showed off its Gigabit LTE technology last July.

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