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EE launches fibre broadband alongside UK's first 4G network

EE is launching a fibre broadband service alongside its 4G phone network, with discounts for anyone signing up to both.

There's a new broadband provider in town: EE. As well as launching the UK's first 4G phone network, EE is launching a fibre broadband service, with discounts available to anyone signing up for both.

EE is the company formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, creating the network behind the UK's first 4G phone service, which launches next week. It's also absorbing Orange broadband to become an ISP, bringing the Internet to your home as well as your phone.

And the prices? Deals start at £20 for a top speed of 38Mbps, with a 40GB limit, or you can pay £25 for no download limit. The big enchilada is a £30 monthly payment for up to 76Mbps, with no limit. Line rental is £14.

If you sign up to a 4G EE phone contract -- or any Orange or T-Mobile phone contract -- then you get a £5 discount on your broadband bill. Setup is free if you get a 4G EE phone, £25 if you have an Orange or T-Mobile phone, or £50 for everyone else.

EE is also launching a movie streaming and download service, EE Film, to those of you with either a phone contract or broadband contract, or both. For more on EE's 4G prices, deals and extras, click here to see the full list of 4G EE phones, tariffs, and add-ons.

EE's broadband network will use the current BT Openreach network of exchanges and cabinets, so your actual speeds will depend in part on the distance from your house to your nearest fibre cabinet.

The existing Orange broadband service is to be absorbed by the EE service, so if you're already on Orange, you should have been informed of the change in name. Tariffs stay the same and the 50p line rental increase won't affect you.

Are you tempted by EE broadband? Are you an Orange broadband customer, and if so how have you been affected by the change to EE? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.