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eBay is having a massive site-wide sale tonight for Aussies

Bust out your wallet! The website is discounting everything tonight and sellers still get full price. Win-win.

How many things do you regret buying in 1999? I'm looking at you, Beanie Babies. 
Screenshot by Claire Reilly/CNET

This is guaranteed to make you feel old: eBay just turned 18 in Australia.

To celebrate, eBay is running what it calls "the biggest ever site-wide sale" for Australian buyers and sellers on Thursday, Sept. 21. 

From 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. AEST, eBay is cutting prices by 18 percent. No matter whether you're buying from a private seller or a dedicated eBay retailer, you'll get 18 percent off the regular price. 

It's good news for sellers too. Why? Because even though buyers are getting a discount on everything they purchase from you, you'll still get the full asking price on the sale.

Selling an old jacket for AU$100? Your buyer will only pay AU$82, but you'll get the full hunjy. Winner, winner.

You'll need to use the code PARTY18 at checkout, and the catch is it's a minimum AU$75 spend.

Image recognition comes to eBay

eBay is making a pretty big deal about its 18th birthday, using the anniversary to confirm it will bring image recognition to its site early next year.

Originally launched for the US only, the feature will let you take a photo of a framed print at your favourite cafe or a cool light fitting in a shop window, and then search for similar items that are up for sale. You'll also be able to choose images from your camera roll for similar searches.

Let's not lie: There's a good chance plenty of folks will use the feature to snap photos in retail stores and find cheaper prices online. 

The auction site's new tagline is "But did you check eBay?" suggesting it wants to bring even more competition to brick-and-mortar retailers.