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'E.T.' phones home with Blu-ray edition for 30th anniversary

The new edition will include both a Blu-ray and DVD, special features, deleted scenes, and a filmed reunion of the cast and crew.


After 30 years, "E.T." is returning to Earth with its own special Blu-ray edition.

Everyone's favorite alien will pop up on October 9 courtesy of a new video package filled with loads of features. As shown on Amazon, the new edition will include a Blu-ray, DVD, digital copy, and even an UltraViolet copy that you can store in the cloud and watch on any device.

The 1982 film has been digitally remastered from the original high-resolution 35mm prints especially for HDTVs.

Beyond the movie itself, the special edition throws in lots of bonus features.

A feature made at the time of filming offers a glimpse behind the scenes. A new interview with director Steven Spielberg catches his thoughts about the film after 30 years.

An insider's look offers interviews with Spielberg, the cast, and others who helped make "E.T." a classic. And the "E.T. Reunion" unites the director and his cast to talk about the impact of the film.

People who loved the music as much as the film will find an interview with composer John Williams and a feature that looks at his live performance of the "E.T." score in 2002.

This special edition will mark the first time that the movie touches its fans through Blu-ray.