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E-mail giants change the rules

AOL rescinds an in-house e-mail edict; Microsoft cleans out Hotmail accounts; Yahoo talks fees.

AOL rescinds an in-house e-mail edict, allowing employees to use outside services. Meanwhile, Microsoft does some spring cleaning in Hotmail accounts, and Yahoo Mail members are told to pay up.

Return to sender: AOL nixes e-mail rule
AOL Time Warner, the e-mail titan's parent company, is no longer requiring its many high-profile divisions to exclusively use a service developed by its Netscape subsidiary.
March 22, 2002

Microsoft sweeps out Hotmail accounts
People using the free e-mail service are seeing their folders and in-boxes cleaned out as their junk-mail folders fill with pitches for a paid version of Hotmail.
March 21, 2002

Yahoo tacks fees onto e-mail, storage
update E-mail, photo and briefcase services are no longer spared from fees imposed around the site: People who want to keep using certain mail and storage features will have to pay up.
March 21, 2002