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E-book publisher partners to spread words online

MightyWords signs three new distribution partners as part of a larger push to sell its titles on Web sites across the Internet.

Electronic publisher MightyWords said Wednesday it has signed three new distribution partners as part of a larger push to sell its titles on Web sites across the Internet.

In addition to finding titles on Fatbrain.com and Barnes&Noble.com, consumers can now browse, buy and download select MightyWords works at Adobe.com, DevX.com and MarketingSherpa. Chief executive Chris MacAskill said he hopes to sign up three new distribution partners each week.

Ultimately, the company said it hopes to distribute its titles on thousands of Web sites to dramatically increase its distribution and sales revenue. MightyWords estimates it now reaches 13.5 million people through its own site and existing partners.

"These are eyeballs that will come see the content that would never, ever have come to MightyWords, even with a $200 million marketing budget," MacAskill said. "This lets us achieve broader distribution at a much lower cost."

The electronic publisher has been moving from its original plan to accept work from any author on its site toward focusing on marketable titles. Last month, it terminated thousands of contracts, cut royalty payments, and set up an editing and filtering system, all in a push to weed out content that wasn't in demand.

MightyWords has made the prospect of joining as a content partner quite attractive. It said it will build and host sales sites for its members, as well as provide real-time status reports to evaluate generated revenue and people's buying patterns.

Distribution partners select which titles to display on their sites and collect a portion of the revenues when works are sold.

"They're getting a piece of the sale like an e-tailer would," MacAskill said. "The publishers gets the largest piece, the distribution partners gets the second-largest piece, and MightyWords gets the third largest."