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The Kleiner Perkins-backed start-up led by former Microsoft new-media executive Peter Neupert is quietly spilling out more information about its venture., the Kleiner Perkins-backed start-up led by former Microsoft new-media executive Peter Neupert, is quietly spilling out more details about its venture on its Web site.

" is a new Web-based company focused on fulfilling customer needs for health, wellness and beauty products, and information," an updated version of the Redmond, Washington, company's Web site reads. "We will provide a wealth of over-the-counter products to consumers, as well as a licensed pharmacy for mail-order delivery of prescriptions."

Until now, the company's description of its business was more vague. Company executives have said little about their venture. Despite its well-known financial backers and management team, faces intense competition, from other online health companies as well as from brick-and-mortar retailers.

The site also indicates that the company is building up its management team, one of Neupert's first goals. It lists Tracy Nolan, former vice president of Merck-Medco Managed Care, as vice president of operations; Suzan Fine DelBene, a former Microsoft executive, as VP or marketing; Kal Raman, former CIO of NationsRent, as VP and CIO; and Andy Stergachis, a professor of pharmacy at the University of Washington, as director of pharmacy services and quality assurance.

As reported, Wal-Mart Stores filed a lawsuit earlier this month against, Kleiner Perkins,, and others, alleging violation of an Arkansas trade secrets law. The companies denied any wrongdoing.