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Dropbox announces Project Harmony to make all software collaborative

The cloud storage company wants to power the editing and collaboration behind all software, starting with integration within Microsoft Office applications.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston Nick Statt/CNET

SAN FRANCISCO -- Cloud storage company Dropbox on Wednesday unveiled a tool called Project Harmony that will bring Dropbox-powered editing and collaboration tools to any software app, starting with Microsoft Office.

With Harmony, Dropbox's trademark green check mark shows up within apps like PowerPoint and Word to signify whether a version has synced properly with the cloud, as it does with Dropbox files normally. That check mark also will indicate whether or not someone else has opened the same file, and can be clicked on to update a version to its latest iteration and to converse with collaborators.

Dropbox did not disclose release information for Project Harmony, but revealed that Dropbox for business is also now available to the public, giving users one account for personal files and one for work. Dropbox for business pricing will remain $15 per user per month, with a minimum of five users and no file storage limit.

Dropbox's news comes on the heels of competitor Box, a cloud storage company focused more toward businesses, announcing its long-rumored initial public offering, which will take place later this month. Both companies found themselves in numerous lists going into 2014 tracking the next blockbuster tech public offering.

Project Harmony and the rebuilt business initiative are Dropbox's answer to the increasing collaboration focus of companies like Box that have built strong competing platforms on being less consumer- and more enterprise-focused. Box announced that its initial public offering will take place later this month, while speculation runs high over Dropbox's timeline for an IPO.

Dropbox, which announced today that it has reached a 275 million user milestone, is currently seeing valuations as high as $10 billion after raising a Series C round of funding worth $350 million alongside a credit facility borrowing of $500 million led by JPMorgan.