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CNET's free global Android app is available for download now from the Google Play store.

How do you fancy getting all the top tech news and reviews from the world over beamed straight to your Android smart phone? Now you can, thanks to the shiny new CNET app, which is available for download now from the Google Play Store.

CNET teams from Asia, Australia, France and the UK work tirelessly around the clock to guarantee you have access to expert product reviews and timely tech news whenever you want or need it. We've teamed up with up our sister sites across the timezones to provide you with a comprehensive global Android app.

Don't worry if you're only interested in UK stuff -- you'll be asked which country you want news from when you first open the app and you'll see a feed from the relevant site. You can switch countries at any time via the app's settings.

Whether you need a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, digital camera or TV, you can get ratings and guidance from CNET editors, not to mention photos, comparisons and in-depth analysis of design, features and performance.

Integrated sharing tools means you can alert your friends instantly if you've read something particularly witty or enlightening, using the power of email, Facebook, Twitter and various other social networks.

Not only will you be able to read our reviews, but you'll be able to easily access the opinions of like-minded gadget lovers and also work your way through our treasure trove of a video archive.

Little more than a tap and swipe will give you access to more than five years' worth of expertise. We've covered a helluva lot of tech in that time and we like to think we've made the app really slick and intuitive to use -- after all, this is kind of our specialist area.

We shouldn't need to tell you twice -- begone with you! To the Google Store this instant and get that app on the download. Your feedback is precious to us, so please tell us what you think in the comments or over on our Facebook page. If you're particularly impressed, why not tell your friends about it too?