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Doodle on and deface your photos with Graphita's Live Studio

Edit your favorite family photos with Graphita's Live Studio photo editing tool.

Here's a fun piece of Webware that made its official launch last week. It's called Graphita Live Studio, and it's a really fun and well-done Web-based photo editor. Unlike some of the other solutions I've looked at in the past, Graphita doesn't have any grand scheme to replace your favorite desktop photo-editing software. Instead, Live Studio provides users with a way to quickly deface, or "enhance" their photos with all sorts of rasterized stamps and a trouble-making doodling tool.

Deface your family photos with Graphita's toolbox full of stamps and caption bubbles. CNET Networks

To get started, users simply need to upload a photo from their hard drive. Users get their own canvas, complete with a floating tool box that can be repositioned. The toolbox has a variety of functions on it, including a doodling tool with a bevy of brushes, a captions creator with over a dozen types of caption bubbles, and a collection of objects, which are essentially stamps. The real fun is putting these elements together, which doesn't take much expertise or experience with photo-editing tools.

When you're done, there are several ways to share your work. You can e-mail it to friends, or keep it simple and save it to your desktop. There's also the option to send it out to 13 popular photo hosting services including Photobucket, Flickr, and Shutterfly, although for some reason the option to send to these sites was grayed out for me.

Graphita is a great deal of fun, and really well-done. If you're in the market to make friends or family look ridiculous, give it a spin.