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Don't have access to Google Glass? Try a simulation

Mobile developer Mutual Mobile lets people pretend they own the wearable tech with a prototyping tool that simulates the view of Glass.

A mock-up of a Google Glass app using Mutual Mobile's Glass Sim.
Sam Gaddis/Mutual Mobile

If you didn't get a chance to pay $1,500 for a pair of Google Glass frames, check out the view on the Glass Sim simulator.

Mutual Mobile, a company that focuses on helping its clients build mobile products, created the simulator so that developers -- and anyone else who is curious about Google's wearable tech -- can create mock-ups of app interfaces on Glass. The simulator lets users upload images and video, and enter text to portray the view of someone wearing Glass.

There aren't a lot of apps for Glass yet, so the Glass Sim could be a way for people to brainstorm how they want to use Glass.

To use the simulator, go to the site and choose a Google Glass card template. Then, you can upload an image that will represent what the Glass wearer is seeing in the "real" world and then modify the card as you see fit.

When you're all done building your fake Google Glass view, you can share it with your social network and pretend you're as cool as those other glassholes.