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Donald Trump's onstage scare inspires viral GIF goodness

The GOP presidential contender's campaign reaches a scary level when a protester rushes the stage during a speech. The incident also inspires some hilarious GIFs.

Trump not pick Hulk as running mate.
Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

Violent incidents are breaking out at Donald Trump rallies as protesters and supporters of the controversial US Republican contender clash in the crowd.

Cameras caught a Trump supporter punching a protester in the face at a rally in North Carolina on March 10 as the protester was escorted out of the arena. A massive clash between protesters and supporters led to the cancellation of a rally in Chicago on Friday. One protester at an Ohio event tried to rush the stage while Trump was speaking the following Saturday.

It's scary stuff, but at least there's a happy side shining through it all, thanks to the Internet's GIF production community.

First, here's the incident in question that served as the basis for so many much more hilarious GIFs. The man who rushed the stage is named Thomas DiMassimo. He faces a federal misdemeanor charges of illegal entry on restricted grounds that carries a punishment of up to one year in prison, according to USA Today.

The GIF that seems to show up most in my Facebook and Twitter circles is this mashup of Trump and the Incredible Hulk taken from a memorable moment in the first "Avengers" movie right after Hulk and Thor take down one of the Chitauri's ships. And no, I'm not talking about whatever that thing is on the top of Trump's scalp.

Courtesy of Giphy.com

Another that seems to have longer viral legs depending on how many of your Facebook friends are "feeling the Bern" is this mashup between Trump's reaction to the protester and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Admit it. You'd jump too if a man in a motorized lounge chair snuck up behind you and tried to suddenly lunge at you like a lion hiding in the tall grass of the Serengeti.

Courtesy of Giphy.com

Finally, Trump gets spooked by a sneezing panda. This one isn't satirical or letting an angry GIF maker vent frustration through art. It's just silly, and frankly, we could use more things that are intentionally silly right now.

Courtesy of Reddit