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'Game of Thrones' mashup makes Donald Trump at home in Westeros

Whether you think Trump's speaking truth to power or from another universe, the Republican sensation makes a certain amount of sense in Westeros.

At last, two of the most confounding political minds of our time -- Donald Trump and Tyrion Lannister -- have met. And amazingly, when the two sit down together, only one of them is rendered speechless.

That's one of the many great moments in yet another Trump mashup I can't stop watching. Called "Winter is Trumping," it stitches The Donald's talking head onto a variety of characters from HBO's fantasy series "Game of Thrones." As with the "Darth Trump" mashup, this one shows the Republican presidential front-runner rambling on, and our favorite characters from another universe just seeming baffled. The video was posted Saturday.

With all of Trump's rhetoric about building a wall along the US border with Mexico, it only makes sense to place him at Westeros' northern wall with the Night's Watch. Jon Snow fans may find themselves suddenly sympathizing with Jeb Bush after seeing how Trump embarrasses the new Lord Commander just before his inevitable demise.

Of course, Trump's promise to bring back waterboarding and even worse isn't necessarily shocking in the context of the battle for the Iron Throne. Check it out for yourself to see exactly what a Westerosi Trump would do.