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Can a Trump Reddit AMA make the internet great again?

The Republican presidential nominee may stay in the spotlight by taking over the internet during the height of the Democrat's convention this week.


The first polls following Donald Trump's week in the Republican National Convention spotlight show the GOP nominee for president tied with presumptive rival Hillary Clinton.

This week Clinton and the Democrats will have their turn, but Trump may be taking to Reddit with an "Ask Me Anything" session that could take some of the internet's attention away from the Democratic National Convention.

The pro-Trump "The_Donald" subreddit says it will host an AMA session Wednesday at 4 p.m. PT.

A press release circulating on Twitter with the letterhead of the Trump/Pence campaign claims that an official post will go out on the subreddit at 6:30 p.m. ET (3:30 p.m. PT) on Wednesday "where users will be able to ask Mr. Trump anything."

While the announcement is getting plenty of traction on Reddit and social media right now, it's worth noting that the supposed press release announcing the AMA doesn't appear on the Trump campaign website as of Monday morning and The Donald has yet to mention it on his typically hyperactive Twitter feed. Also, since this would take place on a pro-Trump channel and isn't an official Reddit-led AMA, it would presumably be moderated by supporters who have the ability to spike responses they doesn't like.

Still, if Trump does show up to answer the internet's questions, it's likely to be an AMA to remember along with past sessions by the likes of Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and President Barack Obama.

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