Domino's mobile: When the noms hit your iPhone like a big pizza pie

Domino's has launched a mobile site, including an iPhone site that allowed us to get our slice on after a hard day's Craving

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Richard Trenholm
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It's Friday, you've had a hard week of checking out Crave's informative and entertaining features -- it's time you kicked back with a slice. We tried out Domino's new iPhone site at www.dominos.co.uk/m, as powered by Vexed Digital.

Pizza in your pocket

Like Papa John's mobile site, this is an iPhone-optimised version of the Domino's site, rather than a standalone app. Non-iPhone users can use the text-ordering service, but that requires fiddly setup.

While it will spot you're on an iPhone, the site doesn't automatically grab your location from your GPS. Instead, you have to type in your postcode. Registering allows you to go straight to the nearest branch, and save your details. Each store has a direct link to phone up, or a Google Maps link.

Once you've found your nearest branch, go to the handy scrolling menu, complete with pictures and descriptions. The menu is the site's biggest strength: you can customise each pizza right down to the type of cheese and sauce you want. Reduced-fat cheese and tikka masala sauce, anyone? Half-and-half pizzas are also included, with separate customisation options for both halves. Steak sauce on one side and piri piri on the other, anyone? The half-and-half menu only includes pizza names, so you may want to familiarise yourself with the options in the main menu first.

Sadly, half-and-half pizzas are not included in deals. The site knows what time it is, so it shows time-sensitive deals such as lunchtime specials only when they're available.

A slice of heaven?

You're only able to log in at the start -- once you've started browsing the menus, you can't log in, so you have to either lose your choices and start again, or put up with entering your details again at the checkout.

That said, the payment process is dead easy. There's a decent-sized box for special delivery instructions, which this Craver appreciates since moving into a first-floor flat accessed by a tucked-away side entrance that is seemingly covered in some kind of delivery-guy camouflage.

You can choose to pay by card or, to save yourself the typing, in cash. We discovered right at the end of the process that the branch had a minimum spend, so we had to pay extra on top of our voucher code, which we would have liked to know sooner. A confirmation email is sent, but there's no indication of how long the pizza will take.

The verdict

Om nom nomino's. The pizza was hot and delicious, with small but flavoursome garlic pizza bread and tasty sauces on the side. The Pepperoni Passion is lively, and the Mighty Meaty is both meaty and mighty. Ordering from the site is quick and easy. mobile.papajohns.co.uk edges it on features such as GPS and saving orders for the future, but there's more likely to be a Domino's near you. 3 noms out of 5.