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Dome is where the Marvel superheroes are

The Marvel Experience roadshow will tour North America this year with a multidome complex where you can interact with your favorite superpowered characters.

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Want to hang out with your favorite Marvel superheroes under giant domes? Of course you do.

Set to tour the US and Canada this spring, the Marvel Experience is a roadshow that promises a range of activities for Marvel fans. Interactive games and animated films will be on tap as will "the first-ever traveling motion-based ride." Visitors also will be able to interact directly with different Marvel superheroes and SHIELD agents.

Offered by Marvel and live entertainment producer Hero Ventures, the Marvel Experience will invite fans into a complex built to mimic a SHIELD installation, aka a "Mobile Command Center." Inside the complex is a maze of domes through which you travel to interact with the various exhibits. Filling up more than two acres of space, the complex will reach into the sky at more than six stories high.

"The Domes are central to the singular story line that pulses through the Marvel Experience and are enhanced by state-of-the-art design applications and graphic elements," Doug Schaer, Hero Ventures chief operating officer, said in a statement Thursday. "The interior will feature an exaggerated comic-style utilizing projected high-tech imagery, amazing fabricated set pieces, and virtual simulations to advance the story. Our guests will be interacting directly with multiple Marvel Super Heroes, as well as members of SHIELD, as they take their place in the Marvel Universe."

Hero Ventures spokesman Jeff Rose told CNET that more details about the Marvel Experience will be revealed in the coming weeks. But he acknowledged that it will offer 3D and 4D simulations.

"Think about actually becoming a 'part of the experience' as a consumer -- different than going on a ride or watching a show," Rose said.

No specific dates have yet been revealed, but Hero Ventures said the show will visit select markets in the US and Canada for weeks at a time in each city.

(Via The Verge)