Doing battle all over the search map

The fight among search giants is in full swing. Microsoft pits "Virtual Earth" against Google, and Yahoo enlists some widgets.

CNET News staff
The heavyweight fight among the search giants is in full swing. In the latest round, Microsoft pits its "Virtual Earth" against Google's latest map offering, and Yahoo enlists some widgets.

Google ups ante in mapping rivalry

Company unveils hybrid mapping site on heels of MSN's Virtual Earth, in heated battle for localized search.
July 25, 2005

Microsoft launches 'Virtual Earth' beta

Test version of tool combines mapping, satellite imagery and yellow-pages data. Coming later: views from 45-degree angles.
Touring Redmond's new service
July 25, 2005

Yahoo acquires 'widget' engine

Acquisition of Konfabulator is a move to spur third-party developers to devise new applications for the Internet giant's services.
July 25, 2005

Yahoo search update gets mixed reviews

Webmasters flood chat boards with complaints as Yahoo tweaks search index, algorithm.
July 22, 2005

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Google seeks to stop Microsoft from suing new hire

Search giant asks judge to invalidate a noncompete agreement central to Microsoft's lawsuit against a former executive.
July 21, 2005

Duking it out for China

China is proving to be the next great Net marketplace, and Microsoft and Google are prepared to fight for it, starting in American courts.
July 21, 2005

Microsoft sues over Google hire

Lawsuit is response to defection of Kai-Fu Lee, who has been focusing on new search technologies for Redmond.
July 19, 2005