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Does viral hack really reveal which Facebook friends like Trump?

A shortcut flying around the Internet tries to identify which of your friends support the controversial presidential candidate.

Donald Trump reveals his latest suggestion for fighting terrorism.
Video Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

There's a not-so-clever little Facebook hack going around that promises to name all your friends on the social network who "like" Donald Trump so that you can either unfriend or congratulate them, I suppose.

It relies on Facebook's search feature, which allows you to search for your friends who have "liked" certain pages. You can do this yourself by simply typing "my friends who like Donald Trump" in the Facebook search bar, or click this shortcut ( also redirects there). You then get a list of anyone in your network who has clicked "like" on Trump's Facebook page.

Some would argue that this approach to identifying Trump supporters in your network ignores the nuance of how people actually use Facebook. People use Facebook in different ways, but clicking "like" on Trump's page doesn't necessarily mean you support him and his ideas. It could mean that you simply want to see what he's up to more often in your news feed. Perhaps your Trump-liking friend has liked all the candidates' pages to keep up to speed on them.

Eric Mack/CNET

So go ahead, check which of your friends "like" the controversial frontrunner for the Republican nomination, but don't forget to put that simple button-click into the larger context of social media and life, unlike certain candidates tend to do.