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Disputed SCO code gets a showing

At a gathering for customers and partners, SCO Group displays controversial code at the center of its legal battle over Linux. But not everyone thinks the company made its case.

roundup At a gathering for customers and partners, SCO Group lets people scrutinize and compare the controversial code at the center of its legal battle with IBM and others over Linux. Not everyone, though, thinks the company made its case.

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SCO's lawsuit against IBM hits next stage
Darl McBride, CEO, SCO

newsmaker Attorney Mark Heise is leading the company's battle against IBM--a legal case he says may redefine the direction of the software industry.
August 21, 2003

As pictures of contested Linux code make their way online, open-source enthusiasts are bashing SCO Group for its claims that the code shows it has legal rights over the OS.
August 20, 2003

CEO Darl McBride tells CNET that SCO opened its forum with a Linux lawsuit focus to quell fears about the company's future. Also on the agenda: Web services products.
August 19, 2003

In a quiet Las Vegas conference room, the company offers customers, partners and the merely curious the chance to view controversial Linux code for themselves.
August 19, 2003

Technology launches take second place at SCO's confab to a defense of the legal battles against Linux, as the company displays the lines of code it says were copied from its Unix.
August 18, 2003

perspective Columbia Law School's Eben Moglen writes that SCO's strategy of challenging the legality of the GNU General Public License suggests a basic misreading of the Copyright Act.
August 19, 2003

previous coverage

The Unix company whose litigious streak has rocked the Linux world reports a profit and says it has enough money to continue waging its intellectual property fight.
August 14, 2003

roundup IT managers and developers gathered at LinuxWorld in San Francisco to learn more about the open-source operating system that's gaining momentum but also faces legal threats from SCO Group.
August 8, 2003