Disney Plus Price Hike: What It Means for Your Next Bill and Ways to Save

Yesterday's price isn't today's price.

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Meara Isenberg
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Disney said in August that it would be raising the price of several of its streaming offerings, including ad-free Disney Plus and Hulu, in the US. Now the moment has arrived.

Starting today, Oct. 12, the ad-free version of Hulu costs $18 per month, up from $15 per month. Disney Plus without ads, previously $11 per month or $110 per year, now costs $14 per month or $140 annually. The monthly price of Disney Plus and Hulu's ad-based tiers, as well as the annual price of ad-based Hulu, didn't change. 

Existing subscribers will begin to pay more on their first billing date on or after Oct. 12, according to Disney. If you're a Disney Plus subscriber billed through Apple, Disney notes you'll pay more on your first billing date on or after Dec. 10. 


You'll have to pay more to watch the God of Mischief without ads.

Gareth Gatrell/Marvel/Disney Plus

Disney currently offers five bundles (including a legacy bundle that's no longer available to purchase) that combine subscriptions to multiple streaming services. The Trio Basic bundle, which includes the ad-supported streaming service ESPN Plus, as well as the ad-supported versions of Disney Plus and Hulu, now costs $15 per month instead of $13. The Trio Premium bundle, which includes ESPN Plus and the ad-free versions of Hulu and Disney Plus, costs $25 per month, up from $20. 

Disney's legacy bundle with ESPN Plus, ad-free Disney Plus and ad-supported Hulu, which existing subscribers may have, costs $19 per month, but it used to cost $15. In addition, a standalone ESPN Plus subscription now costs $11 per month instead of $10 per month, and $110 annually instead of $100.

Two bundles didn't increase, including Duo Premium, which Disney introduced in September. It combines ad-free Disney Plus and Hulu and costs $20 per month, a $12 monthly savings if you were paying for the ad-free versions of both services separately. There's also Duo Basic, which bundles ad-supported Hulu and Disney Plus for $10 per month, a $6 savings if you were paying for those separately. On balance, we think that's the best deal.

Disney Plus and Hulu pricing

With adsWithout ads
Disney Plus $8$14
Hulu $8$18
ESPN Plus $11
Disney Duo Basic bundle: Disney Plus, Hulu $10
Disney Duo Premium: Disney Plus, Hulu
Disney Trio Basic: Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus $15
Disney Trio Premium: Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus (ads)
Hulu Plus Live TV $77$90

Hulu Plus Live TV plans got a price bump too. The basic subscription that includes the Trio Basic bundle costs $77 per month, and the plan with the Trio Premium bundle now costs $90, an increase of $7 for both. Hulu's live TV legacy package and its live TV only plan also cost more per month. You can no longer switch to or buy the legacy option, but existing customers can continue to stream it as long as you don't cancel or change your subscription. 

Disney has increased the price of its streaming platforms each year since 2019, with the last hike imposed in the fall of 2022. The changes mean you'd be saving even more by opting for monthly ad-based Disney Plus or Hulu (both are $8 per month), as long as you're OK with ads interrupting your shows and movies. Other streamers to announce price increases in recent months include StarzParamount PlusPeacock and Discovery Plus.