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CEO Robert Iger announces new features, including a video player, in his keynote speech at CES 2007

Disney CEO Robert Iger took the stage at CES 2007 today for a keynote speech. His big pitch: There's a new Web site on the way, with a video player front and center. That's a fitting move for the big media company, since it was one of the first to sell full-length content over the Internet, via iTunes.

Also to come: The site will try to divine what you want based on your age and gender. No more Little Mermaid pitches for you, Mr. Lost fan.

Disney is also trying to build a social network and video sharing site, of a sort. Think "walled garden" of content, but with really high walls and razor wire on top: You'll only be able to post Disney-approved videos on your pages. Where's the fun in that?

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