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Disney acquires 21st Century Fox: Good or bad for consumers?

CNET Asks: Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox solidifies its position as the largest traditional media company in the world, but is this good for consumers?

Why can't they just get along?
20th Century Fox

The world's largest media conglomerate just got bigger.

Disney's complete its acquisition of 21st Century Fox last week, March 19. The $71.3 billion dollar deal is one of the largest media mergers ever, and comes with a huge haul of properties such as movies, a movie studio, TV shows, TV networks and even a controlling stake in the TV streaming service Hulu. This is in addition to brands that Disney already owns such as Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, to name a few.

Disney's own video streaming service, Disney+, is supposed to launch some time this year, so this acquisition makes it primed to have an immediate impact in the video streaming service landscape. Some this is a positive thing, because we'll see better quality content and competition among the streaming services. That, and franchises such as the Fantastic Four and X-Men can once again be rebooted or become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Take a look a some of the positive reactions around the Twittersphere.

Others argue this is is a bad thing for consumers, saying Disney essentially has a monopoly on the entertainment industry. Many believe it's now capable of driving up prices on its services, as well as having too much power in the box office. There are also concerns that Disney can pretty much decide what we see in the media.

Here are some negative reactions to the news.

CNET readers also have some conflicting stances on the subject. CNET member Mccuerc believes this is bad for consumers and that capitalist system itself is to blame, as it creates a landscape in which we move from too much choice, to far too little.

"A monopoly is a bad thing. It destroys choice. A plethora of choices so broad that it paralyzes the consumer is bad. It destroys choice." -- Mccuerc

This contrasts to CNET member CheddarBob69's opinion, who argues this is just they lay of the land, and if Disney didn't do it, somebody else would've.

"What was Disney gonna do? Pass up a golden opportunity and let the competition get stronger? This is capitalism 101. You don't like it? Too bad. None of the opinions of being upset or hurt about this affects what has happened. Do I like it? No. Do I respect it? Meh. But we all have to live with it." -- CheddarBob69

Whether or not you agree with these readers, the fact does remain, we all have to live with it. Reader's reactions range from "who cares" to "yay better content" to "oh jeez, another streaming service?"-- and we want to know where you stand.

Are you excited for all the new possibilities in TV and movies? Does Disney+ now have your interest? Or do you err on the side of caution, where this could possibly be a bad thing for us consumers? Let us know your answer to these questions and more in the poll below and feel free to explain further in the comments.

Originally published March 23, 2019 and updated as the conversation continues.