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Disney to produce TV spin-offs for Snapchat, starting with 'The Bachelor'

In this case, "Disney" probably means ABC.

Disney has agreed to make TV shows for Snapchat, but don't expect your favorite cartoon princesses to tag along for the ride.

Technically, it's the Disney-ABC Television Group that signed a deal to make several shows for the teen-favorite social network. ABC's long-running dating reality show "The Bachelor" will be first out of the gate.

According to a press release hosted at RenewCancelTV, the first show will be called "Watch Party: The Bachelor" and basically consist of you watching other people (celebrities, former stars) watch the latest episode of The Bachelor the day after the episode airs:

Intercut with clips from each week's episode, the Snapchat audience will watch along with the cast as they hang out, eat snacks, crack jokes and hilariously react to the crazy/wild/romantic storylines that are sure to unfold this season on "The Bachelor."

If that sounds like something you'd like to experience, the 10-episode series will begin on Tuesday, January 3, with new episodes airing each Tuesday after each full episode of "The Bachelor."

Disney-ABC Television Group says it's not the only show coming, though, promising "several additional shows" over the coming months, in addition to creating a variety of Snapchat video ads. (It's an advertising deal as well.)

"With the upcoming 'Watch Party: The Bachelor' we look forward to working together with Snapchat to not only reach Bachelor fans in an entirely new way, but to also provide our advertising partners with even more opportunities," said John Frelinghuysen, an executive for Disney-ABC Television Group, in the press release.