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Dislike the Facebook reactions? The Oatmeal comic has you covered

Facebook expanded the "like" function with a handful of emojis, but some think the social network didn't go far enough. Matthew Inman, aka The Oatmeal, has come up with some great alternatives.

Want to "nope" or "meh" a post on Facebook? Now you can, with these custom reactions created by The Oatmeal.
The Oatmeal

Facebook has finally acknowledged that you can do more than just "like" a post on the social network. The company added additional reactions on Wednesday that enable users to express emotions such as love, laughter, surprise, sadness and anger.

But did Facebook add enough emojis to cover the gamut of human reaction? According to Matthew Inman, the comic who goes by the moniker The Oatmeal on the Web, the answer is a big, fat nope.

Or, more accurately, "F**k nope."

Inman posted a somewhat NSFW image to Facebook on Wednesday, suggesting that Facebook add reactions such as "Nope," "Meh," and "I often wish I could unfriend you but I can't because you're related to me."

You know, things we secretly wish we could say when reacting to someone's status update, but can't because of those pesky social pressures.

Inman suggests 13 additional reactions -- some mild, some we won't reproduce here -- that Facebook could add that he believes would let users truly express themselves on the social network.

As a bonus, he uploaded each icon individually to an album on Imgur so people can save them to their computers, tablets or smartphones and use his reactions on Facebook.

You know, for those times when someone's status update makes you throw up in your mouth, or you really just want to let someone know that you read their update while pooping.