Discord Fans: Say Bye to That 'Android Support Coming Soon' Message

Discord overhauled its Android app. What that means for users.

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Zachary McAuliffe
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If you're an Android user and use the app Discord, you're going to be getting quicker updates soon.

James Martin/CNET

Discord's Android app might have caused some users some frustration in the past. Sometimes Android users would see a message that reads "Android support coming soon" after an update was released while iOS and desktop users enjoyed new features. But that message might be a thing of the past.

Discord announced a major update on Aug. 1 to the Android app's development framework. Users should expect significant improvements to the app after an automatic update is released in the coming weeks after Discord rebuilt the app using the development framework React Native.

This framework was developed by Meta and has been used to power Android and iOS apps like Facebook and Bloomberg. What makes this framework special is it allows developers to work across platforms without much additional effort, saving time and energy. 

This means Android users should start to receive updates at about the same speed as iOS and desktop users.

Design details will be more uniform across the different platforms, but they will still be unique. For example, after new Android users download the app, they will be met with a larger font that is similar to that in the iOS app. Current users will have the option to change the font in the Discord settings.

The new development process also means that Android users should receive more frequent updates. Prior to the update, Discord teams would have to maintain different codebases for different devices, but the new development process consolidates the work. Since the teams will have fewer codebases to maintain, they will be able to address any bug fixes or other updates in a more timely manner. 

While the new update means Android users should receive future updates faster, some users who have downloaded the update have complained on Reddit that the update is making the app buggy. Issues in major updates to apps or software are not uncommon, and they're usually resolved over time.

If you're an Android user and don't have the Discord app, you can download it from the Google Play Store

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