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DirecTV benches PS3 from its NFL Sunday Ticket app

The satellite TV provider's package is still available on computers, tablets, or phones -- and on TV for DirecTV subscribers -- but won't be coming to Sony's console this season.

Screenshot by Joan E. Solsman/CNET

DirecTV's NFL Sunday ticket is getting kicked out of the PlayStation 3 game.

PS3 and DirecTV spokesmen both confirmed that the app won't return to the console for the upcoming football season.

Robert Mercer, DirecTV's spokesman, said this year the company's focus is enhancing NFL Sunday Ticket for new and existing customers. Though it won't be available on PS3, it will still be accessible online and on mobile devices.

Sunday Ticket provides access to all out-of-market regular season games. It came to PS3 in 2011, helping to bolster the over-the-top availability of professional football that has lagged other sports leagues like the MLB and the NHL. The package's early foray on the console had mixed success, though.

NFL Sunday Ticket app remains available to DirecTV subscribers who have it as part of their package, or to people who aren't or can't be DirecTV customers -- because of satellite line-of-site or homeowners' association rules about having a dish, for example -- but subscribe for online and mobile access. Starting August 26, the online/mobile option will be available for $300.

If you need any further explanation of how it works, the Manning brothers can help explain.

Via IGN.