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Directory Assistance in Cyberspace

Help is on the way for Net surfers who keep forgetting email addresses. Computer Concepts Corporation today announced Internet Directory Assistance (IDA), a new service that will allow users to obtain online service addresses, by subject matter or name, for registered individuals and businesses.

The IDA service searches the Internet as well as such online services as CompuServe and America Online using Computer Concepts' database indexing and graphical selection technology called d.b. Express.

Users will be able to register their addresses with IDA free of charge sometime within the next three months by accessing Computer Concepts' d.b. Express Web site.

Leigh Shanks, spokesperson for the company, says she hopes the free registration will attract a large enough database of addresses so that the company can begin charging for the service in the latter part of 1996. At that time, rates should run about $12 per year, Shanks said.