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Digg Reader launching June 26

The site starts delivering its RSS reader on Web and iOS just before Google kills its service on July 1.

The new Digg Reader on iOS.

Digg will start rolling out its new RSS service next week with all users having access by June 26, the site announced in a blog post on Monday.

The first version of the reader -- which lets users import feeds and folders straight from the soon-to-be defunct Google Reader -- will have basic functions, along with a tool that allows users to push what they think are the most important stories to the top. Digg promises to add more over the next few months.

Google announced in March that it would sunset its RSS reader on July 1.

Digg said it surveyed over 18,000 people to gather feedback during the reader's development. As a result, Digg promises the new reader -- called Digg Reader -- will have a "clean reading experience," mobile apps that sync with the Web version, and support for subscribing, sharing, saving, and organizing.

"Given the compressed time frame for this sprint, we decided early on that we needed to focus on one type of user. We asked ourselves who had most to lose from the shutdown of Google Reader, and the answer was fairly obvious: the power user, the people who depend on the availability, stability, and speed of Reader every day," reads the Digg blog. "The good news is that these users are also the most eager to contribute to the development process."

Digg said it will add even more features in the two months following the launch, including an Android app and integration with other services like Buffer, Evernote, and IFTTT. It also plans to add tools to sort, filter, and rank reading lists and feeds based on your network, interests, and likes. Digg will also improve the reader's speed and keep collecting user feedback. After those are complete, the next features on Digg's list are search and notifications.

The new Digg Reader on Web. Digg