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Digg provides a few details on upcoming Reader replacement

The company says it'll attempt to make its reader simple and fast and that it will work across a wide array of devices.

Digg is building a news reader.
Digg is building a news reader.
Screenshot by Casey Newton/CNET

Digg, the social news site that has gone through its fair share of ups and downs, provided a few more details on its anticipated RSS reader.

The company today discussed the four feature ideas it says it received from users that they'd like to see incorporated into the company's upcoming RSS reader. Chief among the suggestions was that the platform "keep it simple." Users also asked Digg to make it fast and work across a wide array of devices. It should be easy for users to import their feeds from existing Google Reader accounts.

Google Reader prompted Digg to fast-track an RSS reader of its own. Google announced recently that Reader was being discontinued, leaving those who used it as an RSS reader in search of something else. A slew of other providers, like Flipboard, have also tried to woo Google Reader users.

Digg hopes to have its RSS reader ready by July 1 when Google Reader support is discontinued. However, the company said that making that date will be a "massive undertaking" and asked for users to be patient.

"We're confident we can ship a product that meets the principles above, but if a feature is missing on Day 1 that you were really looking forward to, we ask that you 1) tell us and 2) be patient," the company said.