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Diana: The Internet mourns

When Princess Diana died suddenly in Paris last weekend, news of the tragedy reached cyberspace almost immediately and took on a flavor all its own.

The loss of Princess Diana in a Paris car accident was a story that was made for television. News coverage of the tragedy, however, was also extensive on the Internet, which played its own role in dealing with her death. Netizens had heated discussions over the media role, with particular attention to the potential online appearance of grisly photos of the crash scene. In addition, at least one spammer exploited the event to make a buck. Now, the BBC is ramping up its online efforts to broadcast her funeral live over the Web.

BBC to Webcast Diana funeral
By Stephanie Miles
The outpouring following Princess Diana's death continues with the BBC's Webcast of the slain royal's funeral.

Diana spam selling T-shirts
By Janet Kornblum
Some Netizens were shocked when they got junk email that capitalized on Diana's death by advertising T-shirts. But those who fight spam said they weren't the least bit surprised.

Net mourns Di, debates media role
By Courtney Macavinta
After Princess Diana perishes in a Paris car accident, the Internet is serving as a forum for debating the issues surrounding her death.